What can we fund?

All applications for funding will be assessed to make sure they meet Love Mill Road’s charitable purposes. Your project must deliver activities within the wards of Petersfield and Romsey which:

  • tackle inequality and create a more inclusive society
  • enhance the Mill Road environment; and
  • celebrate local arts and culture.

Our ability to offer funding will depend on the donations we receive, but we anticipate that most of the projects we fund will be £200-£2,000.

For example – our conversations with local Mill Road-based charities and community organisations have prompted the following ideas for projects which would, in principle, meet Love Mill Road’s criteria for grant funding:

Tackling inequality and creating a more inclusive society – Love Mill Road will direct funding to organisations which address social exclusion and relieve financial hardship. For example, the charity might provide grants to pay for:

  • a translation and/or advocacy service to help with the administrative burden faced by local shopkeepers who do not have good written English;
  • a barber and/or chiropodist at the Salvation Army Centre’s weekly lunch for the homeless;
  • travel and venue hire expenses to enable isolated elderly people to attend a new social club which supports their mental health;
  • enabling costs (communication, equipment and infrastructure) associated with ‘meet-ups’ in local cafes and spaces, neighbourhood street parties and projects that promote volunteering, mentoring and befriending;
  • training and equipment for use in practical workshops to support people recovering from substance misuse and sustain their long term recovery
  • raising public awareness of the issues affecting homelessness.

Enhancing the Mill Road environmentLove Mill Road will support organisations that are engaged in projects which conserve the natural environment and promote sustainability. For example, the charity might provide grants to support:

  • tree planting schemes and community gardening;
  • enabling costs (communication, equipment and infrastructure) associated with implementing a sustainable waste management strategy at the annual Mill Road Winter Fair; and
  • establishing a Repair Café which encourages the repair and re-use of broken items, together with opportunities to learn practical skills for a more sustainable society;
  • grave restoration and projects to enhance wildlife in Mill Road Cemetery

Celebrating local arts and culture – Love Mill Road will support creative ventures to inspire and express Mill Road’s distinctive identity. For example, the charity might provide grants to support:

  • the Mill Road Winter Fair community parade and performances – all the community-focused aspects of the annual Fair
  • a new Mill Road Fringe programme of events in local venues
  • other neighbourhood dance festivals, art trails and performances; and
  • publications which disseminate inspiring personal stories and histories featuring local people and places.

How to apply

Please download and complete our simple application form. Email completed application forms to

It is also important that you read our grant-making policy and note that successful applicants are expected to provide a short report with evidence to demonstrate how their project has met our charitable objectives.