Mill Road Lanterns rehoused – Winter 2022

In 2020 during Lockdown when the Mill Road Fair had to be cancelled, the committee, with funding from Love Mill Road, commissioned 10 Community Lanterns, designed by residents and schoolchildren from some of the side streets   Created by artist Penny Sobr the lanterns were displayed in various shops or churches to keep the spirit of the Fair alight and to celebrate the community spirit of Mill Road even in the darkest of times. Find out more about the original lantern project here.

We are delighted that the Sally Ann shop in Tenison Road has agreed to give three of these lanterns a new home; they look splendid. During the early months of 2023 we will be looking for more such homes. The lanterns are large and need to hang from a really high roof so sadly not every building is suitable. We are delighted that Ditchburn Place, St Phillips Church and Romsey Mill have already expressed an interest. We will keep you posted so you can follow a new Lantern Trail and this time see the lanterns close up in all their magnificence.