Mill Road Fringe: Mini Film Festival – September 2022

Screenings of three groundbreaking arthouse films were presented in partnership with Cambridge Film Projects at St Philips Church. Curated by Hitomi Shinozaki and Tony Jones, the films were selected to convey narratives and stories for diverse audiences: Rocks is a British ‘coming-of-age drama’ described as ‘the most authentic film about British teens; Microcosmos is a stunning documentary about the secret world of the insects which zoomed the audience (including many children) right inside the insect’s world; and Flee uses a clever mix of animation and archival film footage to tell the story of a gay Afghan man and how he escaped persecution to find a new life in Denmark. The screenings were a huge success and established a precedent for arthouse films in Mill Road, including the film screenings that followed at the 2022 Mill Road Winter Fair.